Turkey Handprint Decorations

It’s an oldie, but a goodie, the turkey Thanksgiving home decoration created from handprints from children of all ages. But, it’s also a great economical way to decorate, keep kids busy and create a turkey family of your own!

The concept is pretty simple, you’ll need construction paper in various turkey colors, like brown and feather colors like red, yellow and orange. Where the fun comes in is the additions and embellishments like real feathers, google eyes, glitter and felt!

There are a couple schools of thought on how to build the basic turkey before you get all fancy. Check ’em out and find the one that’s right for you!

eHow Turkey: One traced hand print for the body and then feathers are cut separately in a feather shape for a side view turkey.

DLTK Turkey: Uses both hands to create the tail feathers and a front view of the turkey.

Free Kids Crafts: Uses many hand prints for a large and colorful tail feathers and a front view of the turkey.

Family Corner: Shows you how to make a turkey with finger paints, a hand print and construction paper!

Once all the painting and creating is done, treat yourselves to some hand print turkey cookies! Courtesy of Family Corner.

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