Tips for Hosting Kid’s Crafting Parties

eHow offers up this great article on organizing a crafting party for kids. What you’ll need, some ideas for crafts and for treats to serve! Some of their top tips:

  • Invite an arts-and-crafts teacher to the birthday party to lead the kids in some creative activities.
  • Some scrapbooking stores that have classes can hold a party in their store and show kids some great crafting ideas!
  • There are a variety of craft ideas and other great activities for kids, right at your fingertips! (
  • Make sure material being used are age appropriate before allowing children to use them.

Kid Party Crafts has a great list of tips for throwing a craft party designed just for kids and the party planning situation. They’re also offering a book with over 100 different ideas for games, activities, crafts and more to do at kid’s parties. The book is $14.95.

Kidz Crafts offers up an entire page of party theme ideas and activities to go along with them. From Pirates to Princesses, there’s a them here for everyone. Free ideas and product supply suggestions!’s site is packed with ideas involving science, art and learning! The craft projects are sorted by grade level, so just pick the age of your attendees and choose from their library of ideas, for free! Make glue, a diorama, lava lamp and crystal marshmallows!

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