The Nutty Squirrels Game

Family Fun posted a really cute and fun craft for kids: the Nutty Squirrels Game. All you need is an egg carton, brown felt and pipe cleaners, googley eyes and some paint and you are on your way! Ok, plus a single acorn (just wander outside and grab one) to place underneath the squirrels.

Really it’s 3 card monty for kids with squirrels, but as long as the betting is kept in check, this should be a fun game for everyone!

Nutty Squirrels Game

While your little squirrels are playing, how about creating some cookies with nuts? (Provided no one’s allergic of course.)

Kellog’s Rice Krispy Pecan Clusters. Combine the treat, nuts and chocolate!

Rice Krispy Pecan Clusters’s Brown Sugar with Walnuts cookies.

Betty Crocker’s Classic Peanut Butter cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies Almond Macaroon cookies

Almond Macaroon Cookies

Very Best Baking’s Pumpkin Walnut cookies

Pumpkin Walnut Cookies

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