Labor Day BBQ & Summer Crafts

Oh summer, where have you gone? With the start of school and Labor Day weekend coming, summer will start wind down and with the crafts of summer, but luckily we’re going into my favorite crafting season: fall! But before summer heads out the door, here are some craft tips and ideas for throwing your own […]

Glass Marble Magnets

There are lots of great tutorials out on the web on the creation of these fun and what can be very unique craft! Glass Marble Magnets are made from flat back pieces of glass, aka large luster gems or marbles that have been flattened. I’ve received these as a wedding favor, seen kids make them […]

Craft Foam Ninja Star

This is a very simple and economical craft that is great for a young boy’s birthday party. The nice thing is they can toss these with minimal damage to their surroundings or innocent bystanders. The trickiest part is being sure to line the pieces up ahead of time so as not to get them mixed […]

Rock Out Rock Creatures

Today’s fun activity is from the blog No Time for Flash Cards and is a great group activity for kids. (Plus inexpensive, creative and fun to boot.) These rock bugs or creatures are the 21st century’s answer to the pet rock, get yourself some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins and paint! Use your imagination (and […]