Re-Use Christmas Cards Party

We all have that stack of beautiful cards and photos at the end of the year that either have be recycled, tossed or stored away for years and years, gathering dust. But what if there were a way to re use or display those cards in a meaningful way? Well, Virginia, there is! Throw a […]

Recycle CDs into Crafts

Eventually every home begins to accumulate a stack of CDs that they have no use for anymore. It could be that free trial for America Online mailed to you 5 years ago, a game you no longer play, a bunch of emails you don’t need anymore…the list goes on. But what should you do with […]

Recycle a Record, Create Art

Crafting for Cheapskates found a fun way to recycle old records and keep those teens entertained. This craft just requires you to clean out that old bin of records hidden in a cardboard box deep in the basement, have on hand paints, stencils and some photocopied designs of anything they desire to decorate with! This […]

Egg Carton Sewing Kits

Easy enough to have everyone bring an empty egg carton from home and a few embellishments to get together and create these easy egg carton sewing kits found on Recycled Crafts! Be sure to choose a carton that has a solid lid and not one that has all the little holes. If you want your […]