Wine Tasting Craft Party

A wine tasting party can go a few different ways, the ultra formal where pairings of varietals meets appropriate cheeses and canapes with much swirling and sniffing of the offerings. Or it can go the other way completely and be the kind where guests bring the craziest named wine they can find, tasting isn’t so […]

Throw a Crafting Party Baby Shower

Baby showers go hand in hand with activities. You expect to play some games, win some prizes and shower the mom to be with gifts. Those games often range from tasting unlabeled baby food and guessing the flavor, memorization games and even diapering dolls in a contest of speed and wits. Crafts are often mixed […]

Cake Decorating Party

A fun activity for any kid’s birthday party is to let them take part in decorating the birthday cake! It sounds a bit messy, which is pretty unavoidable, so plastic tablecloths are in order! There are a couple of different ways to approach a party theme like this, one would be to get a giant […]

Tips for Hosting Kid’s Crafting Parties

eHow offers up this great article on organizing a crafting party for kids. What you’ll need, some ideas for crafts and for treats to serve! Some of their top tips: Invite an arts-and-crafts teacher to the birthday party to lead the kids in some creative activities. Some scrapbooking stores that have classes can hold a […]