September Favorites on Etsy

Unfortunately we seemed to have skipped August’s spotlight completely! That’s OK though, cause we’ll make up for it with extra crafty and extra neat projects from Etsy in our Fall Crafts Spotlight. We can’t all be Martha Stewart all the time and let’s face it, the folks on Etsy are pros and can create some […]

Find a Good Craft Supplier on Etsy

We all heart Etsy for various reasons, and today is no exception. In a world full of chain craft stores that are all carrying identical offerings it can be difficult sometimes to get some originality or uniqueness in your crafts without having to build the components yourself from scratch. On Etsy you can shop by […]

July Favorites on Etsy

Everyone who knows anything about the best place to purchase handmade items is Etsy! I heart Etsy. And in honor of the crafters that work so hard, I’ve collected some of my current favorites on sale. However, the items I have chosen are based on the Crafting Parties theme in that they’re great to buy […]