Stained Glass Crayon Windows for Kids

I think this particular craft has been around for ages, I certainly recall making something very similar in preschool and elementary school, I speak of course of faux stained glass windows created with melted crayons, waxed paper, yarn for hanging and an iron. If you need a refresher, Suite101 has posted this easy to follow […]

Pet Rocks: They Never Go Out of Style

Ever since their introduction in 1975, Pet Rocks have been around as a traditional gag gift or a make your own creation, dotting garden paths and office desks. While we can’t all be millionaires, like their creator became due to their 6 month long popularity campaign, they are easy, economical and great craft for kids […]

Rock Out Rock Creatures

Today’s fun activity is from the blog No Time for Flash Cards and is a great group activity for kids. (Plus inexpensive, creative and fun to boot.) These rock bugs or creatures are the 21st century’s answer to the pet rock, get yourself some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins and paint! Use your imagination (and […]

Lego Goodie Gift Bag

This craft is great to build on your own and use as a goodie bag for any kid’s birthday party. It’s also easy enough that the kids themselves could create their own bags and fill them up. Try setting out a “buffet” of treats, like different candies and little toys for the kids to choose […]