Fall Pumpkin Crafts Party

It’s mid September already, time to get out that fall home decor of pumpkins, leaf garlands of red, yellow and orange and scarecrows. If you won’t have any those, it might be time to throw a crafting party with a fall theme! Today we’ll focus on creating crafts around pumpkins since pumpkins can be displayed […]

My Own Crafts

Just added to the blogroll: My Own Crafts. While not the most easy to read site, it’s certainly sectioned apart well, is updated constantly and has hundreds of great craft ideas. You could easily just click on any section of scroll through a week’s worth of crafts and find yourself inspired to do some crafts […]

Cake Decorating Party

A fun activity for any kid’s birthday party is to let them take part in decorating the birthday cake! It sounds a bit messy, which is pretty unavoidable, so plastic tablecloths are in order! There are a couple of different ways to approach a party theme like this, one would be to get a giant […]

High School Graduation Scrapbooks

Now that they’re off to college and peace and quiet can reign in your home, what to do with those stacks of photos from graduation? Well, a scrapbook was what you had in mind, but making yourself actually sit down and create it? A tall order. One sure fire way to get yourself to set […]