September Favorites on Etsy

Unfortunately we seemed to have skipped August’s spotlight completely! That’s OK though, cause we’ll make up for it with extra crafty and extra neat projects from Etsy in our Fall Crafts Spotlight. We can’t all be Martha Stewart all the time and let’s face it, the folks on Etsy are pros and can create some really neat things! So without further adieu, we bring you September Favorites on Etsy!

Mmm, Fall Food Scented Candles from Woodcrafts and Candles

TRex Lollipop Party Favors from Sweet Lollipop Shop

Czech Star Flower Beads from Surprise Supplies

Bare Tree Pendant from Me Like Whoah

Crocheted Autum Gourds from Eternal Sunshine

Classic Autumn Wreath from Allen Porte

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