Recycle a Record, Create Art

Crafting for Cheapskates found a fun way to recycle old records and keep those teens entertained. This craft just requires you to clean out that old bin of records hidden in a cardboard box deep in the basement, have on hand paints, stencils and some photocopied designs of anything they desire to decorate with!

This craft is a great idea for a slumber party activity and possibly even a history lesson….

While the creativity is happening, create Rice Krispy treats! Few teens can turn down the marshmallow-y goodness and the light crispy crunch.

For a little variation:

  • Try adding chocolate chips to the marshmallows before melting. The chips will melt too and create a chocolate version of this treat without having to buy the Choco-Krispies.
  • Crush up Oreo cookies and mix into the dry cereal before adding it to the marshmallow mixture.
  • Frost the top of the treats with canned frosting once cooled but before cutting up into squares.
  • Throwing the pan in the freezer for 10mins speeds up the solidification process so you can cut them up sooner.
  • Adding colored sugar sprinkles before the treats cool down.
  • Sticking a marshmallow Peep on top of each treat.

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