Pom Pom Crafts

Pom poms are those cute little fuzzy balls that come in lots of different colors and sizes. Some are even sparkly and metallic now so the creativity can really flow! This is a great craft for kids to work with under supervision since the quickest and easiest way to create pom pom ball crafts is with a glue gun.

Making Friends made Bugs with pom poms and pipe cleaners

Snowman: All you need is three white pom poms of different sizes, 3 tiny black pom poms for coal buttons, 1 orange for the nose (perhaps even cut in half) and black fabric paint to dot on eyes and a mouth.

Bat: A large purple or black metallic pom pom and some black craft foam to cut wings out of, add a couple google eyes and you’re done!

Nancy’s Pom Pom Palace is a treasure trove of ideas!

Underwater creatures from MyCraftCloset. The instructions say to follow the photo, but there is a materials list on the site!

And of course, the classic caterpillar! From CraftatHome.

If you just happen to throwing a children’s birthday party or some other event of the sort with throngs of kids hanging around and this is your craft activity of choice, consider serving treats that go with the theme! The theme being things that are round, but not necessarily fuzzy!

Kid’s Cuisine Popcorn Balls

Melon Balls! Cantaloupe, honeydew or other fruits like mango or strawberries.

Grapes, blueberries and cranberries are also round.

Swedish Meatballs– choose one of these many recipes! Or Taste of Home’s.

Russian Tea Cake Cookies straight from Betty Crocker

Rice Krispy treats- formed into balls

Need pom pom craft supplies online? Try Crafts, Etc! Lots of colors and sizes and you can throw some pipe cleaners in your cart while you’re at it!

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    I am looking for pompom critters and or stuff to make them…also, do you by chance have any samples to offer? It’s for my company. Thanks,
    -Tawnya. 🙂

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