Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Also called chenille stems, pipe cleaners are bendy, fun, come in lots of colors, neon, regular and metallic and are ultra affordable! If you find yourself throwing a kid’s birthday party or Halloween party this year and need an idea for a craft or activity that kids can do, pipe cleaners should be your medium of choice.

Here’s a bunch of ideas that both kids and adults can use when crafting with pipe cleaners!

Stick Figures to the max from Family Fun

The classic pipe cleaner spider from eHow.

Hershey’s Kisses Critters

Family Fun’s Dinosaur

Daisy from Wikihow (also lots others, dragonflies, birds and butterflies!)

Craft Critique purchased the jumbo sized pipe cleaners and made a whole bunch of projects!

Still need more? Talking Child has entire alphabetic directory of crafts made with pipe cleaners!

If want to get really advanced Garie’s Clay Creations combines pipe cleaners and polymer clay! So cute.

Check out how to make your own fuzzy teddy bear, step by step.

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