Personalized Cork Boards

Personalized cork boards are a great activity for any age group. We all need a place to stick reminders, Far Side or Dilbert cartoons and coupons for that next time you order take out. Kids can use these to post their own reminders and treasures that they want to display. Not only that, they’re a blast to create!

What you need:

  • Small blank cork board (or larger if you want!) You can get these at any office supply store, craft store or your local all-in-one store like Fred Meyer, Target.
  • Colored ribbon (1-2 inches in width)
  • Silk flower of your choosing
  • Picture hanger/small nail
  • Embellishments: jewels, letter tiles, stickers, old game board pieces, you name it!Personalized cork board supplies
  1. Heat up glue gun
  2. Determine how you want your cork board to look. Remember that when you use it, decorations along the bottom and sides might get covered up!
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  4. Start with the ribbon border first. Starting edging around the top, since like the flower in the example, the edges will get covered up.
  5. The ribbon wide enough to go across the top and have overlap on the front side, to frame it up nicely.
  6. Glue the ribbon down all around the corkboard, starting with gluing around the edges of the cork board and then going back and doing the sides.
  7. Now you can glue on the embellishments! Start with the biggest pieces first, then dot on the smaller bits like jewels and letter tiles.

Finished cork board


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