Turkey Handprint Decorations

It’s an oldie, but a goodie, the turkey Thanksgiving home decoration created from handprints from children of all ages. But, it’s also a great economical way to decorate, keep kids busy and create a turkey family of your own!

The concept is pretty simple, you’ll need construction paper in various turkey colors, like brown and feather colors like red, yellow and orange. Where the fun comes in is the additions and embellishments like real feathers, google eyes, glitter and felt!

There are a couple schools of thought on how to build the basic turkey before you get all fancy. Check ’em out and find the one that’s right for you!

eHow Turkey: One traced hand print for the body and then feathers are cut separately in a feather shape for a side view turkey.

DLTK Turkey: Uses both hands to create the tail feathers and a front view of the turkey.

Free Kids Crafts: Uses many hand prints for a large and colorful tail feathers and a front view of the turkey.

Family Corner: Shows you how to make a turkey with finger paints, a hand print and construction paper!

Once all the painting and creating is done, treat yourselves to some hand print turkey cookies! Courtesy of Family Corner.

Create Colored Sand for a Fun Party

Colored sand is great fun to play with and economical to boot. All you need is sand, food coloring, paper towels/newspaper and a large space to layout the sand to dry while the color infuses. Obviously if you’re throwing a crafting party that plans on using colored sand, you want to do this ahead of time. But, this is a great idea for kids, especially now that the county fair season is over, to layer and create sand jars to take home, or make pictures using the sand with glue. Be sure to vacuum really well when it’s all done though or you’ll be dealing with gritty floors for weeks!

The recipe for creating colored sand is pretty simple and standard across the board. Fill a container with the amount of sand you want to dye. Cover with water, just enough so that it covers the sand and add lots of food coloring until you get the desired color. Let it sit for a bit, say an hour and then drain away the water. Pour the sand out on the paper towels or newspapers and spread around to dry. Repeat for each color.

For a colored sand party, you want to try and have at least 4 different colors, more if you can!

Don’t have time to create all that sand from scratch? Kit Kraft has a large selection of colored sands by the pound!

Colored Sands

A great party food item to serve at this event would be sugar cookies covered in sanding sugar. Of course, you don’t want to mix those two up! Sanding and sparkling sugars make for great decorative and colorful fun, yet are great to crunch your teeth on.

Check out these recipes for classic sugar cookies.

All Recipes Rolled Sugar Cookies

Alton Brown’s Sugar Cookies

Love to Know Easy Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

India Tree’s Pastel Sanding Sugars

India Tree Sanding Sugars

Ghostly Halloween Goodie Bags

Use these wedding favor boxes to create a unique goody bag for all your Halloween trick or treaters this year! If you have a circle punch, it’ll be quick and easy as well. Hand cutting the little circles would be a little more time intensive.

What You Need:
Glue gun with clear glue sticks
White favor boxes (I found mine in the wedding aisle at Michael’s)
Black craft foam or construction paper or card stock (just depends on your budget)
Circle punch (2 sizes, one smaller, one larger) or pattern to trace and cut out from
Halloween ribbon

1.) Using the smaller of the circle pattern or punch, cut out two eye holes on the white favor box.

2.) Do the same with the larger circle for the mouth hole.

4.) Cut a small square of craft foam (or card stock) to cover all 3 holes from the inside of the favor box.

5.) Apply glue to edges of square and press firmly inside the favor box, covering up the eye and mouth holes so that from the outside, only the black eyes and mouth show, not the square.

6.) Make a small bow with your Halloween ribbon and glue to the side or top of the favor box.

7.) Put candy inside and fold box closed, used a dab of glue to seal the box shut.

An alternative method: Cut circles from the black cardstock for eyes and mouth and simpley glue those to the front of favor box instead!

Halloween Cupcake Extravaganza

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get going on this weekend’s Halloween planning, than we’ve got the Halloween cupcake fun you’ve been looking for! Cupcakes are great to either serve and decorate yourself or provide the decorations and let your guests go to town on their own. Which ever route you decide to go, here are some fantastic looking Halloween cupcakes to get the creative juices flowing! And a few recipes even. It can’t all be about decoration after all!

The Food Channel’s Spiced Pumpkin cupcakes. Recipe included!

Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

All Recipe’s Cupcake Graveyard. Not where recipes go to die…

Graveyard Cupcakes

Top Party Ideas’ Giant Spider Cupcakes

Giant Spider Cupcakes

Wisdom of the Moon has a great gallery!

Cupcake Monster

Not Martha made some great looking, yet simple designs using a candy mold!

Ghost Cupcakes

The Canadian Press has a recipe for bloody eyeballs

Bloodshot Eyeball Cupcakes

And if you have Not Martha, you have to have Martha’s easy witch cupcakes!

Witch Cupcakes

Most Halloween cupcake recipes are pretty standard in terms of the actual cake part. If you plan on being elaborate with your decorating, save yourself some time and create the cakes from a regular cake mix box as directed. Cupcakes from scratch are definitely tastier on average, but can be just a little more time consuming to make, along with the added possible causualties, like forgetting to put in the sugar.

The key is in the decorations! Be creative and raid your grocery store’s bulk candy aisle or find a dollar store with their 2/$1.00 candy bags. Buy regular vanilla frosting and tint with food color and save on colored sanding and sparkling sugars by buying them in bulk at bakery and specialty stores.

And if all else, just lay out all the decorations and let guests make their own!