Make a Rabbit out of Shells

Shell Rabbit

This very cute craft is easy to do and great idea for older kids crafts or even adults. The rabbit is a good starting point for a shell creation craft party. Using your imagination you can craft all kinds of creatures out of shells. Be they the whole creature like the rabbit of just the face!

What You Need

  • Glue gun and clear glue sticks
  • Lots of small shells (craft store or the beach)
  • If you can: 1- cowrie shell (body); 2- long horse conches (ears); 2-very small cockles (feet); 2- small periwinkles (arms); 1- turban shell (head). Need help?
  • 2 Small googly eyes
  • Small white pom pom (tail)

1. Organize your shells. Assortments from the craft store, can mean this might take a little while. For the feet, ears and arms try and match them up size-wise as best as possible.This will make sure that your rabbit remains upright and not be lopsided and fall over

2. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the head (turban shell) so that the opening will be at the top and the edge of the shell without the opening is attached to the body (cowrie shell).

Rabbit Materials

3. Next put a small dab of hot glue to the pointed end of the first ear (horse conch shell) and press it to the opening of the head (tuban shell) and again with the other ear, leaving a small gap between them. Position them to go out like antennae does on a bug and with the open side of the shell facing forward.

4. Then apply very small dabs of glue into the opening of each of the arms (periwinkle shells) and press to the sides on either side of the body (cowrie shell).


5. Repeat with the feet (cockle shells), placing the glue in the shell’s opening and pressing them to the sides of the body (cowrie shell). Hold in place until the glue hardens.

6. Put a very small bit of glue to the backs of the googly eyes and place on them on the head (turban shell) above the tip of the shell for his eyes and the pointy tip becomes the nose!

7. And finally glue the white pom pom to the backside of the body (cowrie shell) for his tail!

Rabbit from Behind

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