Make a Magic Wand

Thanks to Harry Potter, the magic wand is fast becoming a staple in any child’s toy chest. Or in the case of most kids today, a giant plastic bin that stacks up in the family room. But, as we all know, toys get expensive and in some cases, coated with lead based paint! So here are several variations all rolled into one post on magic wand crafts that groups of kids can make, adults can make for their kids or you can create alone. Choose your wand type or present all 4 as options to your party and everyone can craft a wand to their liking!
The Classic Harry Potter Magic Wand
Harry Potter wand

The Glitter Filled Clear Tube Magic Wand

Glitter Filled Wand

Pencil Based Magic Wand

Pencil Magic Wand

Star Topped Magic Wand

Star Topped Magic Wands

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