Lego Goodie Gift Bag

This craft is great to build on your own and use as a goodie bag for any kid’s birthday party. It’s also easy enough that the kids themselves could create their own bags and fill them up. Try setting out a “buffet” of treats, like different candies and little toys for the kids to choose from and add to their finished bag!

What You Need:
Clear glue sticks and glue gun
Different solid colored gift bags (any size- just rectangular is best)
Card stock in same or close to the colors of the gift bags
2 inch circular punch or pattern of the same size
More card stock in different color than the gift bag for the name tag
Ribbon to tie the name tag on
Various Lego pieces
Lego Bag Supplies

1. Heat up glue gun.

2. Choose the first bag color and punch out (or trace) 6 circles out of the matching card stock.

3. Put the cut circles on the bag, spaced apart evenly, so that it looks like a Lego brick.

4. Dab glue to the back of each circle and press down onto the bag.

5. Cut out a name tag from card stock of a different color and write the first name on.

6. Glue at least two Lego pieces to the name tag.

7. Punch a small hole in corner of name tag, run about 6 inches of ribbon through and tie onto the bag in a bow.

Lego Goodie Bag


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