Labor Day BBQ & Summer Crafts

Oh summer, where have you gone? With the start of school and Labor Day weekend coming, summer will start wind down and with the crafts of summer, but luckily we’re going into my favorite crafting season: fall! But before summer heads out the door, here are some craft tips and ideas for throwing your own crafting party Labor Day BBQ.

Seashell Crafts: Have kids or guests bring those treasures they’ve been collecting all summer long. Glue them onto picture frames, together to create creatures, glue magnets on the back or hand out jars or vases with some sand for them to place inside with a votive to make a fun home decor item.

Colored Soap Bubbles: Add a couple of drops of food coloring to plain old backyard bubble mix from the dollar store and have kids blow them and then catch them with plain white paper. They’ll create fun colored rings in abstract patterns! (Don’t let them catch it on their shirts though!)

Pom Pom Creatures: Let imagination run wild by providing an assortment of different sizes and colors of pom poms, pipe cleaners and google eyes!

Classic Finger painting: Large white sheets of paper, non-toxic paint, need we say more?

And of course, you’ll sustenance for all those hungry crafters…

Homemade Ice Cream made in a bag from Kaboose.

It’s a Gift came up with a stellar full menu, complete with recipes.

An assortment of lemonades is a great way to say good bye to summer, have classic on hand, blackberry (using those late August berries) strawberry or a sparkling adult version with a sparkling white wine.

Burgers are always a staple of the Labor Day BBQ, but to mix up offer a different kind of cheese other than cheddar or jack. Maybe some bleu cheese or gorgonzola crumbles? Offer up a leaner ground turkey version of burgers to go with those traditional beef patties. Cooking Light has a great recipe.

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