July Favorites on Etsy

Everyone who knows anything about the best place to purchase handmade items is Etsy! I heart Etsy. And in honor of the crafters that work so hard, I’ve collected some of my current favorites on sale. However, the items I have chosen are based on the Crafting Parties theme in that they’re great to buy several of and give to each party attendee, rather than have them make their own. I even threw in some vendors so if you do decide to build your own, you might find some cool supplies! Check it out!

Tzaddishop: Reversible glass pendants using a proprietary decoupage technique in great patterns and styles.



InkyAndie: Bowls created from melted/warped vinyl LPs. Unusual, kitsch and affordable. Plus a wide variety of records to choose from.

Record Bowl

PamC: Delicious to look at, gift wrapped and oh yeah, a candle too!


And last but not least

Amethyst Soap: These soaps look just like tumbled turquoise and amethyst crystals! Smell great too.

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