High School Graduation Scrapbooks

Now that they’re off to college and peace and quiet can reign in your home, what to do with those stacks of photos from graduation? Well, a scrapbook was what you had in mind, but making yourself actually sit down and create it? A tall order. One sure fire way to get yourself to set aside the time is a scrapbooking crafting party! Center the theme around graduation and invite all those fellow empty nesters over for a good time, good crafts and at the end you’ll have all those photos mounted and done with! Don’t wait for retirement, get cracking on that memory preservation and have it done before they come for Christmas break!

Scrapbooks.com can help you gather supplies.

Fresh Webcontent has some good suggestions for graduation scrapbooks.

JoAnn’s offers a great selection at great prices of basic books.

Organized Scrapbooks has lots of tips, resources and quotes just for graduation.

While you create, you’ll need snacks to power your through all the cutting and pasting. Since your guests will have sticky fingers, try serving everything hors d’oeuvres style with toothpicks and party picks, cocktail swords or kabobs!

Turkey meatballs with lemon sauce from Cooks.com

Fresh mozzarella pearls with half a cherry tomato and a basil leaf, skewered with a party pick, drizzled with olive oil.

Pickled green olives stuffed with a garlic cloves.

Vegetable tray with creamy dip

You get the idea! Get skewering and get scrapbooking!

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