Glass Marble Magnets

There are lots of great tutorials out on the web on the creation of these fun and what can be very unique craft! Glass Marble Magnets are made from flat back pieces of glass, aka large luster gems or marbles that have been flattened. I’ve received these as a wedding favor, seen kids make them and people use them to preserve and show off favorite photos, cartoons or deco art. So I gathered up a few of the tutorials here. Hopefully you can find one that suits your needs and your party atmosphere!

Not Martha: Uses silicone sealer.

Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone: Goes with the Mod Podge approach.

DIY Life: Choose your glue!

When you’re finished creating your fabulous magnets, munch on some homemade seasoned popcorn! There’s just something about warm popcorn that makes my day.


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