Fall Pumpkin Crafts Party

It’s mid September already, time to get out that fall home decor of pumpkins, leaf garlands of red, yellow and orange and scarecrows. If you won’t have any those, it might be time to throw a crafting party with a fall theme! Today we’ll focus on creating crafts around pumpkins since pumpkins can be displayed now, be augmented or fit right in with Halloween and can even stay out till the Thanksgiving holidays.

Choose a few crafts to suggest for guests, supply instructions and supplies and guests can create based on the suggested crafts, go off on their own entirely or augment the crafts to suit their own home needs. The important thing is to offer a large range of crafts so that everyone can find something to meet their fall decor needs!

Family Corner’s Salt Dough Pumpkin Patch

Crafts Kaboose Spooky Pumpkin Luminaries

Dow Craft’s Puffy Pumpkins or Pumpkin Blocks

Craft Saying’s Orange Slice Pumpkin

Need more ideas? Check out About.com’s complete list of crafts that involve pumpkins and jack o lanterns!

When everyone’s done crafting, try serving Family Corner’s Pumpkin Cake Balls . They just look like pumpkin, but not taste like it!

For pumpkin flavored treats, try these pumpkin bars with a cream cheese frosting or DCraft’s directory of pumpkin inspired recipes !

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