Egg Carton Sewing Kits

Easy enough to have everyone bring an empty egg carton from home and a few embellishments to get together and create these easy egg carton sewing kits found on Recycled Crafts! Be sure to choose a carton that has a solid lid and not one that has all the little holes. If you want your kit to be sturdier and save some Styrofoam from the landfill, re-use one of those slick yellow and white Styrofoam egg cartons. And of course since eggs come in many quantities, you’ll have to choose your carton based on how many trinkets or sewing notions you want to store.

Egg Carton Sewing Kit

So now that you have your craft, get your pals together and get crafting! Pick a day and encourage participation by making a theme of it. Call it “Sewing Kit Tea Time” and serve several varieties of hot teas, scones and tea or finger sandwiches.

Lemon Ginger SconesTea Sandwiches

If you would like an egg carton sewing kit but don’t have the time, swirlyarts is selling them on Etsy!

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    Useful info regarding sewing kits. Thank you for showing an example of how an egg crate can double up as a sewing kit to hold items including buttons and thread.

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