Create Your Own Wedding Reception Favors

Example Favor Boxes
What activities do bridesmaids love more than picking out their dresses, throwing the shower and the bachelorette party? Why helping you decorate these wedding favor boxes of course! Not all brides are the do-it-yourself type, but if you are, this is an easy and creative way to cut down on the costs of those wedding reception favors. Buy plain boxes or bags, buy the embellishments in bulk and get your bridal party to decorate. If you make a night of it, provide nourishment, a good chick flick (might we recommend an oldie “Troop Beverly Hills” to be followed by a classic “Clueless?”) and get down with a good old fashioned girls night in. If you provide enough nibbles and tasty beverages it might not even be considered work!

What you need:
Lots of clear glue sticks/glue guns
Favor boxes, bags or tins
Embellishments of your choosing: silk flowers, rhinestones, charms, confetti
Spools of ribbon
Favor Box Makings
1. Heat up glue guns and put in clear stick of glue.

2. Do assembly ahead of time if the boxes or tins need it.

3. If possible, have an example for each of the ladies to have at the workstation to follow that you created ahead of time. This will cut down on confusion and mixed results. Unless of course you’re encouraging creativity…

4. If you plan on using a wider ribbon as a background (like for the lily example) measure and glue down the ribbon on the edges only first. Remember, hot glue will show through sheer ribbon!

5. Eat some popcorn.

6. If you’re placing in loose candy inside the favor, it might need some separate packaging like some tulle, cellophane or organza bag. Assign the filling to one person to expedite the process for those ladies doing the hot gluing.

7. Place the favor inside the favor box/bags and apply a small dab of glue to the corners of the box. Press together and hold till the glue hardens. If you’re gone the route of wrapping those jordan almonds up in tulle, arrange it so that the tulle peaks out before you glue it shut.

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