Create Colored Sand for a Fun Party

Colored sand is great fun to play with and economical to boot. All you need is sand, food coloring, paper towels/newspaper and a large space to layout the sand to dry while the color infuses. Obviously if you’re throwing a crafting party that plans on using colored sand, you want to do this ahead of time. But, this is a great idea for kids, especially now that the county fair season is over, to layer and create sand jars to take home, or make pictures using the sand with glue. Be sure to vacuum really well when it’s all done though or you’ll be dealing with gritty floors for weeks!

The recipe for creating colored sand is pretty simple and standard across the board. Fill a container with the amount of sand you want to dye. Cover with water, just enough so that it covers the sand and add lots of food coloring until you get the desired color. Let it sit for a bit, say an hour and then drain away the water. Pour the sand out on the paper towels or newspapers and spread around to dry. Repeat for each color.

For a colored sand party, you want to try and have at least 4 different colors, more if you can!

Don’t have time to create all that sand from scratch? Kit Kraft has a large selection of colored sands by the pound!

Colored Sands

A great party food item to serve at this event would be sugar cookies covered in sanding sugar. Of course, you don’t want to mix those two up! Sanding and sparkling sugars make for great decorative and colorful fun, yet are great to crunch your teeth on.

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