Craft Foam Ninja Star

Craft Foam Ninja Star

This is a very simple and economical craft that is great for a young boy’s birthday party. The nice thing is they can toss these with minimal damage to their surroundings or innocent bystanders. The trickiest part is being sure to line the pieces up ahead of time so as not to get them mixed up and causing frustration on the part of the assembler.

What You Need:

Glue gun and clear glue stick
one glitter glue stick (any color)
2 different colors craft form
Small piece of cardstock for pattern
X-Acto Knife

1. Create and cut out your pattern from the card stock, making one edge 3″ long, and two edges 1 1/4 ” long with the diagonal edge 2″ long.

2. Trace your pattern in pencil onto the colored foam. Trace 4 pieces of each color total.

3. Heat up glue gun

4. Make one side the star at a time, be sure to line up the pieces up before you start, alternating the colors. Craft foam is reversible, you might have to flip some of the pieces over to make them fit together.

5. Take your glue gun and apply glue to one of the bottom or side edge of the pieces, one at a time, pressing the adjoining piece into the glue and holding it in place until the glue hardens.

6. Keep gluing and applying the pieces together until you have two separate stars made up.

7. Apply glue to the center of one of the stars so that you can glue the two stars together, to create one star. Apply dabs of glue to all the points as well and press together till the glue hardens.

8. Using the stick of glitter glue, apply a line of glue around all the edges of the star.


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