Cake Decorating Party

A fun activity for any kid’s birthday party is to let them take part in decorating the birthday cake! It sounds a bit messy, which is pretty unavoidable, so plastic tablecloths are in order! There are a couple of different ways to approach a party theme like this, one would be to get a giant flat sheet cake and give each child a section to decorate. (Depending on your party attendees, opening up the entire cake for everyone to decorate at once seems like it would be inviting disaster and fights.) Or you can follow something like our previous post on a Cupcake party and each kid gets to decorate their own little birthday cake and their eat their creations.

To get the project going, get that plastic tablecloth out there and the flat sheet cake. Write the birthday greeting and birthday boy or girl’s name on there first, before the kids go to town on it. You could even use icing or icing writers to draw off sections of the cake for each kid or just point out the general areas in which they should stay within.

Have several sets of icing writers or decorating tools so that there are enough to go around. And of course several different types of embellishments in little bowls around the table.

Ideas for edible embellishments: M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, licorice wheels, chocolate chips, sprinkles, sugar crystals, rock candy.

Ideas for non-edible embellishments: plastic figurines like toy soldiers, animals, clowns, coins. Rubber bugs, lizards, snakes. Cake picks in the shapes of Pokemon, Spirder-Man, Bat Man and the likes.

If you use the non-edible ones, be sure that they’re obviously not food! And that you’re not feeding kids that are too small to not put those in their mouth. Yes, even then, I know it still can be a toss up.

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