Button Crafts

Great activity for kids: button crafts! Also for adults if you can get them all to dig through their collections and bring out the buttons they’ve been hoarding away for years! A lot of times at sewing stores you can find a bin of buttons that allows you to buy by the pound or fill a bag, which is what I recommend if you decided to have button crafts at a kid’s birthday party for the activity. You’re going to need lots!

Here are some suggestions for crafts with buttons!

Making magnets: stack buttons up or glue them together in crazy patterns and attach a magnet on back.

Button Flowers: use chenille (pipe cleaners) for the stems and the buttons for the petals.

Or Button Flowers with wires from PBS Kids.

Stick Figures: use chenille stems for the body, arms and legs, but buttons for the head, feet and hands!

Button Rings from Little Birdie Secrets

For adults or older kids with supervision:

Martha Stewart never fails, here’s a button clock.

Family Fun’s Button Beings

Buttons Flowers from One more Moore

Now that your guests are busily crafting away with their buttons, what is it that you’ll be serving to go with all those round shapes? Why donuts of course! The experience of a fresh donut will live on forever, especially with kids!

If you have small deep fryer great, if not a pot of oil can do it, you do need to make the dough ahead of time as it needs time to rise and then of course the task on making the round shapes and punching out the centers. But once those fresh donuts come out of the fryer and into the paper sack of sugar and cinnamon, it’ll be an experience that your guests will never forget!

Check out these donut recipes to find one that works for you:

Grandma’s Donut Recipes– a long list of types of donuts, instructions and ingredients.

Expert Village has videos on how to create fresh donuts at home.

Easiest donut recipe ever from Cooks.com

Donut holes from AllRecipes

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