Monthly Archives: September 2008

Button Crafts

Great activity for kids: button crafts! Also for adults if you can get them all to dig through their collections and bring out the buttons they’ve been hoarding away for years! A lot of times at sewing stores you can find a bin of buttons that allows you to buy by the pound or fill […]

Wine Tasting Craft Party

A wine tasting party can go a few different ways, the ultra formal where pairings of varietals meets appropriate cheeses and canapes with much swirling and sniffing of the offerings. Or it can go the other way completely and be the kind where guests bring the craziest named wine they can find, tasting isn’t so […]

Fall Pumpkin Crafts Party

It’s mid September already, time to get out that fall home decor of pumpkins, leaf garlands of red, yellow and orange and scarecrows. If you won’t have any those, it might be time to throw a crafting party with a fall theme! Today we’ll focus on creating crafts around pumpkins since pumpkins can be displayed […]

Salt Dough Crafts

We’ve all played with Playdoh, maybe even sampled it, but one thing is for sure, if you’re going to sample a dough, make it salt dough! Ok, I’m not advocating playing with your food and eating it, but one thing is for sure if you have a small herd of children scheduled to wander through […]