Monthly Archives: August 2008

Bath Sponge Creatures

Make and Takes posted this great idea for creating creatures from bath sponges, poufs or loofahs as they are sometimes called. These creatures are not for shower or bath use once created, but make a fun toy for a little one (watch the small parts) or are just a great affordable kid’s party activity. All […]

Throw a Cupcake Party

Picking a theme for your party can be difficult, especially if it’s for an older crowd and you don’t want to force upon them an old activity (think Pictionary) or the guests just need a change to get excited about. So consider having a cupcake party! There are many ways to expand upon this theme, […]

Recycle a Record, Create Art

Crafting for Cheapskates found a fun way to recycle old records and keep those teens entertained. This craft just requires you to clean out that old bin of records hidden in a cardboard box deep in the basement, have on hand paints, stencils and some photocopied designs of anything they desire to decorate with! This […]

Holding a party that makes you look crafty

Sure, not everyone can be crafty or even wants to hold a crafting party. Yet at the same time, you want your place to look nice and perhaps even that you are crafty, just a little. The trick in this is the details. You don’t have to create a 4 foot long centerpiece ala Martha […]