Monthly Archives: July 2008

Tea Light Crafts

The Wick Chick has got the right idea, creating some fun crafts with tea lights! Tea lights are inexpensive and often you can get a selection in different in several scents to please all party attendants. If you’re hosting a candle party, baby shower, bridal shower or anything of that nature, this is a great […]

Glass Marble Magnets

There are lots of great tutorials out on the web on the creation of these fun and what can be very unique craft! Glass Marble Magnets are made from flat back pieces of glass, aka large luster gems or marbles that have been flattened. I’ve received these as a wedding favor, seen kids make them […]

Craft Foam Ninja Star

This is a very simple and economical craft that is great for a young boy’s birthday party. The nice thing is they can toss these with minimal damage to their surroundings or innocent bystanders. The trickiest part is being sure to line the pieces up ahead of time so as not to get them mixed […]

Find a Good Craft Supplier on Etsy

We all heart Etsy for various reasons, and today is no exception. In a world full of chain craft stores that are all carrying identical offerings it can be difficult sometimes to get some originality or uniqueness in your crafts without having to build the components yourself from scratch. On Etsy you can shop by […]