Monthly Archives: June 2008

Make a Rabbit out of Shells

This very cute craft is easy to do and great idea for older kids crafts or even adults. The rabbit is a good starting point for a shell creation craft party. Using your imagination you can craft all kinds of creatures out of shells. Be they the whole creature like the rabbit of just the […]

Personalized Cork Boards

Personalized cork boards are a great activity for any age group. We all need a place to stick reminders, Far Side or Dilbert cartoons and coupons for that next time you order take out. Kids can use these to post their own reminders and treasures that they want to display. Not only that, they’re a […]

Make a Magic Wand

Thanks to Harry Potter, the magic wand is fast becoming a staple in any child’s toy chest. Or in the case of most kids today, a giant plastic bin that stacks up in the family room. But, as we all know, toys get expensive and in some cases, coated with lead based paint! So here […]

Egg Carton Sewing Kits

Easy enough to have everyone bring an empty egg carton from home and a few embellishments to get together and create these easy egg carton sewing kits found on Recycled Crafts! Be sure to choose a carton that has a solid lid and not one that has all the little holes. If you want your […]